So yesterday I went down to my hometown with my boyfriend to have some spaghetti with my sister for my birthday. After all was done, I had to get some gas before heading home. Went to the only open gas station in town at 12am and saw my “ex” (not really an ex but sorta in a way an ex) there! So me being an awesome soul, I parked right next to his car, went inside with my boyfriend and he saw me. Mwahahaha ^.^ I’m standing there saying things in my head like “see now this is what will make you happy in life you sex addicted freak!!” And “you can never get this! Again…” Hahaha!! It seriously was the cherry topping to my birthday! :)

I swear to god you are more bipolar than your own son! First you bitch about me expecting you to buy me all this shit, then you go and offer to BUY me something. You’re 47 years old and you wine and bitch like a 14 year old. I really do hope I am never like you when I’m 47. Never ever in my entire world.


Get the app Vinted & sell your clothes! Even buy new ones. I’ve already spent 50 dollars for my birthday on 7 things and am so freaking excited! ☺️

I miss my privacy. I hate sleeping out in the living room. I barely get any sleep. The past 4 days sleeping out in the living room has killed me. You fight with your mom all the time. There’s no room for us to run to now. She takes her sweet damn time. I hope I won’t be in this shitty situation for my birthday. Because if I am, I might as well just go to fucking work.

There’s something about going to concerts alone that I much rather enjoy more than going with friends

I hope you burn to death.

Yeah I’m fucking rude.