Oh boy.

I’ve figured out why I’m so in love with Naomi and Max’s relationship on 90210.. Well Max in general. He reminds me soooo much of my ex. So much.. It’s quite sad :(

But seriously though. Just because all you have is your boyfriend and no friends, doesn’t mean you gotta bitch about other people hanging out with their friends. Maybe if you were a better person………

You just need to go repent.

Boise Saturday with my lesbians <3

I can’t believe that my best friend is turning 18 on Friday. Seriously I swear it was just freshman year being 14 and turning 15.. Holy damn.

Losing weight would be a lot easier if people didn’t give me compliments and say that it looks like I’ve been losing weight. Because when they say that I start thinking that I don’t have to work hard anymore. No that’s not how it’s supposed to go. -_- no wonder I’ve gained so much in the last two weeks..

Dental Assisting seems so close!!

2 out of 3 reference forms, done.
1 out of 3 health documents, done.
Now for a physical and shot records! >.<
&&&& write a written explanation.

March 6th should come so I can ask my millions of questions about this stupid general application..

10 more days til my parents leave for a week and I’m home alone (:

27 years ago on this day, my grandpa dropped my dad off so he could go join the Air Force. To this day I am oh so thankful my dad decided to do something that would better his life. I’m great full he chose to go farther and help protect this country. <3 I love you daddy :*

One day I will make mine and my sisters dream come true and we will spend days in Paris together. Just her and I <3

Two years on Monday since my aunt cupcake has left our lives. The closer this day comes and the more I see all my cousins torn apart from the remembrance of their grandmas death the more I wish I was that close to my grandmother. Their love for their grandma is something I’ve wished for, for the longest time. My grandma died a year ago in December. It’s sad to me, yes. But I’m not shaken up and heart broken like they are with their grandma. I wish I knew what it was like to love someone much older than you so unconditionally like that.. It’s the most adorable/faithful kind of love you could ever find. Aunt Cupcake changed their lives like no other. I was rarely ever in my grandma’s life because I was raised in the military and moved everywhere. I wonder what it’s like to say ‘I’m going to my Grandma’s after school for dinner tonight’ instead of saying ‘I’m visiting my Grandma this weekend’. I will probably never know what that’s like. Hannah & Isa if you see this, I love you two so much. As did your grandma. She was a special kind of lady who knew how to love all her grandchildren equally and with the utmost love a human deserves. Even baby Jack. She loves him so much with out even having to see him. Come Monday, you two will realize that you’ve made it two years with out her and stayed so strong. She would be so proud of her two oldest grandchildren. I love you guys (:

Sooooo, H&M opened Not too long ago in Boise and I spent 300 dollars there. Just sayin.

My friend asked if for Thanksgiving dinner we make Asian food. Of course we make Asian food! And dat white shit too ;)
I’m thankful for being Asian.

Dont read this. It’s dumb.

My intentions didn’t turn into what I’d thought they’d be. I thought ‘oh we’ll just be friends and no feelings will build up’. I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. I fell for someone who understood me and cared for me in an instant. I’ve never felt that cared for in my life.. Let alone cared that much for someone. I loved that feeling like no other. In a lot of ways we were so much a like yet so different.. We got comfortable with each other, too comfortable too fast.
In the end, we turned into complete opposites. Now I’m sitting here with a choice to make whether we should try again and see where it takes us or just go our seperate ways like none of this ever happened..
I know I’m strong enough to let go and move on.. I know I am. But the thought of ‘what if’ is still there. What if it did work. What if tried again and saw where it took us. What the fuck if.